A record flight distance from the A321LR


Toulouse - The Airbus A321LR carried out a nonstop flight between Seychelles and Toulouse, setting a record distance for the aircraft.

The prototype registered D-AVZO took off from Mahé in Seychelles on Thursday, March 29 at 9:01 pm and landed at Toulouse-Blagnac at 05:52 am on Friday morning, achieving a flight time of 10 hours and 51 minutes.

The A321LR traveled a distance of 4.109 nm (7.610 km), a performance that sets a record for the A320 family and exceeds the 4,000 nm (7,400 km) promised by the manufacturer.

Longest Flight of A321LR Text

The A321LR owes its long-haul flight capability, in particular, to the installation of three additional tanks (ACT) in the hold. This endurance flight was conducted with a test configuration equivalent to 180 passengers: 5 crew members, 11 technicians, and more than 160 dummy passengers.

The prototype arrived at Seychelles on Wednesday night, March 28, from Sharjah International Airport, UAE, where it completed the hot-weather testing.

The only prototype of the A321LR, equipped with CFM International LEAP-1A engines, made its first test flight on January 31, from the Airbus factory in Hamburg. The first transatlantic flight was made on February 13 between Paris-Le Bourget and New York-JFK.

In total, Airbus has planned a test campaign of nearly 100 hours of flight for certification, which is expected for the second quarter of 2018. Commercial commissioning is expected in the fourth quarter with the launch company Primera Air.