A Norwegian Boeing 737 MAX 8 was forced to change route by German authorities

Paris, France - A Norwegian Boeing 737 MAX 8 had to land at the Paris-Vatry airport while it was en route from Malaga to Stockholm.

The aircraft registered SE-RTB was conducting a repositioning flight from Malaga, Spain to its home base in Sweeden when German authorities refused permission for the use of German airspace.

The aircraft took off from Malaga, Spain, on June 11 and began touring near German Airspace before it was forced to change its route by the German authorities.

The Boeing 737MAXs have been grounded after the second fatal crash of the type in Ethiopia on March 10. The aircraft is not allowed to fly by international regulators since then except ferry flights.

According to the company, Norwegian's Boeing 737 MAX 8 had been authorized by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) to carry out a repositioning flight to join the airline's fleet in Stockholm.

However, this authorization does not guarantee the use of airspace of other European countries. They have the right to refuse any access to their airspace.