A Myanmar Airlines Embraer E190 lands without front wheels

Mandalay, Malaysia, - On May 12, a Myanmar Airlines Embraer E190 made an emergency landing with a failed landing gear. The aircraft landed in Mandalay, Malaysia without front wheels.

According to officials, nobody was injured during the incident. There were 89 people on board, including seven crew members.

The pilots carried out a smooth landing before the nose of the E190 touched down and stopped the aircraft safely.

An official from Myanmar’s Civil Aviation Department said the pilots tried to drop the front gear repeatedly first through the flight control system, and then manually.

After failed attempts, the flight crew decided to make a landing with the back wheels only as there was no other option.

Pilots burned fuel first as emergency procedures require it before such a landing.

Dramatic footage was posted on social media shows the plane touching down on its rear wheels before hitting its nose onto the runway.

The incident came shortly after a Biman Bangladesh Airlines plane crash-landed and skidded off the runway while landing at Yangon International Airport in Myanmar last week on Wednesday.