A mini documentary about stunning air-to-air images of a Boeing 787


Paris - Air France has released a video explaining the teamwork for the spectacular air-to-air images of one of its Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners.

The mini-documentary explains the planning and execution phases to make such great air-to-air in-flight photos and videos. A meticulous preparation and communication between the pilots and the chase-plane are essential.

The team in the chase-plane used a very efficient gyro-stabilized system equipped with an equally efficient camera. The gyro-stabilized system was mounted under the wing of a turboprop (TBM). The team worked with engineers from the manufacturer while installing the all necessary equipment to the chase-plane to get all necessary authorizations to fly the aircraft.

Before taking shots of the Dreamliner, a test pilot carried out a flight with another TBM simulating the Air France's Dreamliner to see how the chase-plane handles the camera in terms of wind resistance, aerodynamics and picture quality during the low and high speeds.

A huge amount of work was required for preparation. The teams even calculated the position of the sun, the direction of the wind and other environmental circumstances for the best possible shots. The images that would have been taken from different angles of the Boeing 787 were simulated on the computer before the flight.