A major supplier ceases production for Mitsubishi SpaceJet

Tokyo, Japan - Tokyo-based multinational industrial materials maker Toray Industries has announced that it would stop production of some structural parts for Mitsubishi Aircraft's SpaceJet.

Toray Industries is the supplier of SpaceJet's some carbon fiber parts used in the tail part of the aircraft.

The manufacturer said that it would be difficult for the company to profit from the business with Mitsubishi Aircraft since the delivery of jet is expected to be delayed for the sixth time.

After this decision of Toray Industries, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, the parent company of the Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation, is planning to produce these components on its own.

Mitsubishi says that a change in the basic design of the jet is not needed and the program schedule won't be affected by Toray's decision.

But, Toray's move could trigger further withdrawals among the SpaceJet's other suppliers in Japan and overseas.

Mitsubishi Aircraft began the development of the aircraft in 2008 as the Mitsubishi Regional Jet (MRJ).

The aircraft had been originally set for delivery in 2013 but the program had numerous delays. The Japanese aircraft manufacturer is now forced to delay the delivery again from the current target of mid-2020 because of the difficulties in securing certification for commercial flights.

Customers, who signed for the Mitsubishi's regional jet, also appear to lose patience. Trans States Holdings, which operates on behalf of the regional branches of major US airlines, has recently dropped an order for 50 SpaceJets with 50 options.

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The cancelation wiped out almost one-quarter of orders for the aircraft's 90-seater model.