A Laudamotion Airbus A320 aborts takeoff at London-Stansted due to engine failure

London - An Airbus A320 from the Austrian low-cost airline Laudamotion had to abort takeoff at London Stansted Airport last week on Friday after a loud bang sound heard from one of the engines.

The flight OE327 was about to take off from London Stansted airport for its home base Vienna ─▒nternational Airport when the incident happened. The passengers were immediately evacuated via the emergency slides.

There were 169 passengers on board. According to British media, eight of them were slightly injured during the evacuation. A Boeing 737 from Ryanair, the parent company of Laudamotion, transported stranded passengers to their final destination.

After the incident, Stansted Airport's only runway was closed for almost three hours, and all inbound traffic during this period had to divert to neighboring airports, and all outbound traffic had to delay their departure. Around 11 PM, air traffic turned back to normal again.