A KLM Boeing 737 collides with an easyJet Airbus A320 at Schipol International

Amsterdam, the Netherlands - A Boeing 737 from the Dutch flag carrier KLM and an Airbus A320 from the British low-cost operator easyJet collided with each other at the Schipol International Airport.

The incident happened on Tuesday morning (July 9) while a 737 from KLM was being pushed back.

Both aircraft have been damaged. A photo taken by a passenger from the easyJet A320 shows that the stabilizer of the KLM Boeing did cut the wing of the easyJet A320.

The Boeing 737-800 from KLM was preparing to leave for Madrid while easyJet's Airbus A320 was about to leave for London-Gatwick.

The airport officials are investigating the incident.