A British Airways flight accidentally lands in Edinburgh instead of Düsseldorf

London - Today, A British Airways flight from London to Düsseldorf, Germany landed "accidentally" in Edinburgh, Scottland. Passengers did not notice the error until the crew announced it.

The flight, which was carried out by the German lease partner WDL Aviation, was normally intended to go from London to Düsseldorf. Due to a paperwork error, the aircraft headed for Scotland. British Airways now is investigating how this could have happened.

"We apologized to our passengers for the inconvenience," said British carrier in a statement. The airline also emphasized that safety has never been put at risk since the pilots assumed Edinburgh was the planned final destination.

Passengers noticed the situation when the crew announced that the aircraft was approaching to Edinburgh. A concerned passenger asked a flight attendant if they really meant that.

A passenger said the confusion was complete when the pilot asked the passengers to raise their hands if they wanted to go to Düsseldorf. "We all raised our hands," said the passenger.