A 737-700 from Southwest makes emergency landing in Philadelphia


Philadelphia - A 737-700 from Southwest Airlines made an emergency landing in Philadelphia. The left engine of the aircraft disassembled into pieces while flying from New York La Guardia Airport to Dallas. Metal splinter hit and broke a window, the cabin pressure dropped.

The passengers onboard of Southwest's 737-700 N772SW must have had dramatic moments on Tuesday, April 17.

We suddenly heard that loud bang,
Kristopher Johnson, a passenger, told CNN.

The pilots immediately turned to Philadelphia and declared an emergency.

The fragments of the destroyed engine were apparently digging into the hull and a window,
another passenger said.

An injured was brought to the hospital after landing. There were 143 passengers and five crew members aboard the flight, according to Southwest Airlines.

* UPDATE: Southwest Airlines reported that there was one fatality. It is not clear yet if it was the injured passenger taken to the hospital.